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China Heavy Duty Water Proof Industry Stainless Steel C2050h C2060h C2080h Hollow Pin Conveyor Transmission Roller Chain with Extended Pins roller chain sprocket

Product Description

 Heavy Duty Stainless Metal C2050H C2060H C2080H Hollow Chain Conveyor Roller Chain with Prolonged Pins

Item Description

Roller chains conforms to ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS and other expectations. It adopts substantial-good quality components and superior processing technological innovation. The roller chains has the characteristics of higher tensile strength and higher exhaustion power. The roller chain is extensively employed in design machinery, agricultural equipment, motorcycles, and vehicle transmission. , foodstuff conveying machinery, logistics conveying equipment, packaging machinery and other fields, to transmit energy for various mechanical facilities

1. Material: Stainless Steel 304 & 316 / Alloy Carbon Metal
two. Floor Remedy: Shot peening / Zinc-plated / Nickel-plated / Dacromet-plated
three. Chain No:
35SS-1, 40SS-1, 50SS-1, 60SS-1, 80SS-1, 100SS-1, 120SS-1, 140SS-one
35SS-2, 40SS-2, 50SS-2, 60SS-2, 80SS-2, 100SS-2, 120SS-2, 140SS-2
35SS-3, 40SS-3, 50SS-3, 60SS-3, 80SS-3, 100SS-3, 120SS-3, 140SS-three
4. Application: Stainless Steel Chains are utilized in so several industries, this sort of as machine manufacturing, meals equipment, etc. Also are suitable for higher and lower temperature circumstances.
five. Characteristic:
one. The chain can be used on the equally sides of multi-axle transmission.
2. Easy installation and substitution.
3. It can obtain greater reduction ratio.
four. The roller chain has good elasticity, high power and every hinge part has lubricating oil, so it can be stored easliy. Therefore, in contrast with the rigid get in touch with tooth, it has excellent cushioning and vibration absorbing potential.

Item Title Heavy Responsibility Stainless Steel C2050H C2060H C2080H Hollow Chain Conveyor Roller Chain with Extended Pins
Material carbon steel,SS304, SS316, and so on
DIN/ISO chain No. C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2080 C2082,ect
Crucial Phrases Roller Chains 
Application Location Foodstuff processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, electronics, house appliances, automotive manufacturing, metallurgy, sewage treatment method
Supply time three-ten times is dependent on amount necessary



Product Parameters


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HangZhouTerry Equipment Co.,Ltd is a top internatioal Equipment Producer. The growing economics and convenient transportation of HangZhou advantages the improvement of Terry Machinery. Our merchandise are used in business, industrial and personalized application. Terry Machinery is specialized in engineering equipment bearing and automobile industrial bearing. Our goods have been exported over 53 countries.The purpose of Terry Machinery is to give out buyers with widest range of items at least expensive value, high high quality with the greatest support.




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1.What is the minimum buy quantity for this solution?

Relying on the measurement of the bearing, the MOQ is variable, if you are intrigued, you can make contact with me for a quotation.

two.What is your most recent shipping time?
Most orders will be transported inside 3-10 times of payment getting gained.

3.What are the benefits of your company’s companies in contrast to other businesses?
Answer questions online 24 hours a day, reply in a timely fashion, and offer various documents necessary by consumers for customs clearance or product sales. one hundred% right after-sales services.

four.Which payment technique does your company help?
Do our very best to satisfy customer demands, negotiable.

5.Do you accept OEM or personalized services?
In addition to normal merchandise, we also source non-standard and modified normal merchandise for special application. In the meantime, we supply OEM services.

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Marine, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Carbon Steel
Type: Double Pitch Chain


US$ 2/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

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Product Name Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C2050H C2060H C2080H Hollow Chain Conveyor Roller Chain with Extended Pins
Material carbon steel,SS304, SS316, etc
Standard DIN GB ISO JIS 
DIN/ISO chain No. C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2080 C2082,ect
Key Words Roller Chains 
Application Area Food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, electronics, household appliances, automotive manufacturing, metallurgy, sewage treatment
Delivery time 3-10 days depends on quantity needed
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Marine, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Carbon Steel
Type: Double Pitch Chain


US$ 2/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

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Product Name Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C2050H C2060H C2080H Hollow Chain Conveyor Roller Chain with Extended Pins
Material carbon steel,SS304, SS316, etc
Standard DIN GB ISO JIS 
DIN/ISO chain No. C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2080 C2082,ect
Key Words Roller Chains 
Application Area Food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, electronics, household appliances, automotive manufacturing, metallurgy, sewage treatment
Delivery time 3-10 days depends on quantity needed

What to look for in a roller chain

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a roller chain. One of the most important factors is tensile strength, which represents the force required to break the chain. Roller chains are available in three different tensile strengths: minimum, average and ultimate. Each strength reflects a different limit to the load the chain can handle. However, these limits are not always equal and you should be aware of the differences between roller chains.

Canonical chain

Most roller chains have standard sizes printed on the side panels. This is usually “40” or “C2080H”, but can also be the letter “B”. If the chain is old, it will need to be cleaned to see its size. You can find the size on the standard roller chain size chart, but not everyone is marked. To determine the size, measure the diameter and pitch of the chain, then compare the results to the chart to see what size you need.
Heavy-duty roller chains are available with heat-treated pins, side plates, and rollers. In addition to being heat treated, they are also factory pre-stretched, which reduces wear on these parts. If properly maintained, they can last for years, reducing the risk of failure or corrosion. Depending on the application, standard roller chains are available in different sizes. It can be purchased separately. There are several options to choose from, depending on the size and strength of the application.
PEER roller chains contain solid rollers to reduce shock loads on the sprocket teeth. Heat treating and preloading all components of the PEER chain helps minimize initial elongation. Hot-dip lubrication ensures complete lubrication of all chain components, extending their life and reducing maintenance costs. For heavy-duty applications, ASME/ANSI-B29.1 chain is a good choice.
Standard roller chains are made of steel or alloy steel. However, it can be made of other materials such as stainless steel. In addition to steel, stainless steel is often used in food processing machinery where chain lubrication is an issue. Brass and nylon are also sometimes used. However, they are not that popular. Therefore, you should always check with your supplier before purchasing. By comparing the tensile strength of two different chains and making an informed decision, you can get the best price and service.

Chain without bushing

Bushless roller chains have advantages over conventional roller chains. Unlike conventional chains, bushless chains have extensive lateral flexibility, which increases the chain’s lubrication flow. The inner plates of bushless chains have protruding shoulders so the oil can flow through them more easily and efficiently. This is an important characteristic of a smooth-running chain. Additionally, bushless chains may have improved shifting performance.
The strength of a bushingless roller chain is measured in terms of tensile strength and fatigue strength. The former measures the load a chain can withstand before breaking. Fatigue strength is equally important, and factors that affect fatigue strength include the steel used to make the chain components, the pitch hole fabrication, the type of shot peening on the chain, and the design and thickness of the chain. For example, if the chain is too thin, it may not be enough for heavy-duty applications.
Like traditional roller chains, bushingless roller chains have two different types of links. The inner link has two inner plates connected by pins, while the outer chain has two outer plates held together by bushings. A bushingless roller chain is similar to a traditional chain, except it eliminates a step in the assembly process by stamping the tube into the inner plate. So if you want a smoother ride, a bushingless roller chain is a better choice.
There are two different sizes of bushingless roller chains. One size is designed for use with standard single-strand chains, while the other size is designed for use with double-strand or triple-strand chains. Bushless chains are generally shorter than conventional chains, so they can fit in tighter spaces. Bushless chains are made of the highest quality materials. These chain attachments are case hardened for optimum strength and durability.

Mute chain

The silent roller chain has a smooth, low-noise drive. They are made of stacked rows of flat chainplates with a gear-like profile that meshes with the sprocket teeth. Each chainplate is attached to a corresponding sprocket, which also allows the chain to bend. While these basic components are the same for every silent roller chain, there are many variations that allow them to be used in a variety of applications.
The most popular high-speed transmission, silent chains feature gear-like sprockets. They can be made from single or multiple strands of material. Single-strand chains are less expensive than multi-strand chains, but they tend to wear out faster if not lubricated. Single-strand roller chains can be used for years without lubrication, but for your application, wide silent chains are still worth considering.
The design and construction of silent chains make them ideal for conveying a wide variety of products. They have flat, heat-resistant surfaces. They are also durable and non-slip. They are available in a variety of pitch sizes, widths, and mounting styles. Whether you need chains for general purpose conveyors or glass bottle transport applications, we have you covered. Ask about the benefits of silent roller chain conveyors.
Inverted tooth chains are another option for quieter chains. These chains are designed to reduce noise from engine-related friction. Silent chains are more common, and manufacturers have fallen in love with them. A silent chain consists of several links connected to the sprocket teeth. Teeth rotate to reduce noise, vibration, and chord action. These are the main reasons why silent chains are so popular.

ANSI chain pitch

To measure your bike’s chain pitch, you can use a caliper. This measurement is taken from the center of the rolling pin to the center of the next rolling pin. Chains come in many sizes, but ANSI is the most common chain standard in the United States. A caliper is handy if you’re not sure which size to buy, as it allows you to check for worn sprockets.
Chains that meet ANSI standards will be characterized by a certain pitch. This measurement is based on the width and spacing of the roll. The spacing is usually greater than the width. The standard number will be the right number for the width of the chain or the left number for the rollers. The number on the left indicates whether the chain is lightweight or heavyweight. Heavyweight chains are designated by the suffix “H”.
Common chain sizes are based on ANSI chain pitch. Pitch is the minimum distance between bushing and sprocket. The smaller the chain pitch, the greater the total distance between the two points. This means the chain will last longer. However, if you are buying a chain for a specific application, you should check the pitch carefully as it can affect the performance of the chain.

Roller chain wear measurement

The purpose of roller chain wear measurement is to prevent breakage by monitoring the strain on the chain. There are several ways to measure roller chain wear. The first is to remove the chain from its working position and measure the distance from the sprocket to its measuring end. Another way is to measure the pitch of the chain or the distance between two pins. This method is superior to other methods because it is convenient and accurate.
When measuring the wear of a roller chain, it is important to note that the elements of the chain will gradually deform. About 3.75% of the total wear will be on the pins and the rest will be on the internal links. These wear measurements will vary based on the nominal pitch of the chain and the amount of friction the chain is experiencing. Proper lubrication between pins and bushings, load and frequency of articulation all affect wear rates.
It is important to measure the amount of wear on the roller chain to avoid excessive machine failures. The longer the chain runs, the more wear it will wear. Although the length of the chain should be less than the center distance, the excessive load will cause premature wear. Therefore, lubrication is essential. Additionally, the sag of the chain should not exceed 2% to 4% of its center-to-center distance. Finally, check for unusual noise or visible defects. A common cause of excessive roller chain wear is the size of the load. Every chain manufacturer sets a maximum workload for its product.
There are several ways to measure roller chain wear. If using a high-speed drive, it should have at least 11 teeth, and a medium-speed drive should have at least 25 teeth. Also, be sure to check the length of the chain, even if you should. The same goes for the pin diameter, which should be the same or different pitch as the roller chain.

China Heavy Duty Water Proof Industry Stainless Steel C2050h C2060h C2080h Hollow Pin Conveyor Transmission Roller Chain with Extended Pins     roller chain sprocketChina Heavy Duty Water Proof Industry Stainless Steel C2050h C2060h C2080h Hollow Pin Conveyor Transmission Roller Chain with Extended Pins     roller chain sprocket
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China Custom China Supplier Power Transmission Industrial Roller Chain with Extended Pins with Best Sales

Solution Description

Product Description
Item Parameters

Regular GB, ISO, ANSI, DIN
Type Regular A and regular B precision roller chain, conveyor chain
special chain with components, welding chain, leaf chain and sprocket
ANSI chain No. 40,fifty,60,80,100,a hundred and twenty,one hundred forty,one hundred sixty,180,two hundred,240
DIN/ISO chain No. 08A,10A,12A,16A,20A,24A,28A,32A,36A,40A,48A
Application Food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, electronics, machinery
house appliances, automotive production, metallurgy, sewage remedy
Series A collection,B series

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We are a factory founded in 1997 with trade crew for worldwide services.

two. What terms of payment you typically use?
T/T thirty% deposit and 70% towards document, Western Union, L/C at sight

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Generally 35 days soon after confirmed get. thirty days could be available in minimal time for some things (throughout May to July), and 45 times for the duration of new year and scorching time ( Jan to March).

4. Samples
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1) All samples are free of charge with the maximum benefit not exceeding USD one hundred.
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three) The 1st-time courier price will be completely deducted from the deal benefit of the trial cooperation.

Roller Chain Upkeep Tips

There are many things to keep in thoughts when maintaining a roller chain. The main factors incorporate friction and external influences. With out correct lubrication and adjustment, this kind of chains will wear prematurely. Right here are some guidelines for trying to keep your roller chain in top form. keep on reading through! This will make your process less difficult. We will also discuss the price of the new roller chain. As constantly, remember to check for unfastened ends and change the chain regularly.


Roller chains are created to accommodate many distinct kinds of hundreds. Sprockets are the main cause of chain put on. Axial and angular misalignment happens when the sprocket faces are not effectively aligned. Both types of misalignment increase pressure and use on the roller chain. They can also negatively have an effect on the drive. As a result, choosing the proper chain is an important thought.
Preloading assists to get rid of first elongation and prolong service life. The advantages of preloading can be seen in the preloading chart. Substantial elongation takes place in the course of push startup with no or small preload. This is thanks to the area hardness of the worn areas. On the other hand, a effectively preloaded chain shows tiny elongation for the duration of the initial begin. As a result, correct preload can extend wear life.
Even though elongation is a natural phenomenon in any push, it can be minimized or eliminated with correct routine maintenance. In addition to normal inspections, you ought to do a complete inspection of your chain soon after the 1st hundred hours. This inspection need to focus on key daily life variables this kind of as 3% elongation, how the chain is lubricated, and any other troubles that may have an effect on daily life. A very good quality chain ought to have the longest life and no difficulties.
There are many various roller chain specs. A excellent rule of thumb is to decide on chains with at the very least five links. Then, tighten the chain until finally a crack occurs, and it will inform you what variety of split transpired. Alternatively, you can use a roller chain with the maximum allowable load. As lengthy as the MAL doesn’t exceed that variety, it really is nevertheless properly safe to use it for any software.


When it arrives to lubrication, there are numerous different methods. For illustration, spray lubrication is a popular approach for large-horsepower drives and substantial-load and quickly-relocating devices. This strategy is extremely successful, but it is costly, and spraying the chain way too far out of the guard can result in leaks. An additional widespread technique is brush lubrication. Brush lubrication involves making use of a continuous flow of oil to the chain, pushing it into the chain. This lubrication technique decreases the application temperature of the chain. Also, it can increase the existence of the chain, dependent on the manufacturer’s technical specs.
While the lubrication of roller chain couplings differs by software, sprocket hubs must be lubricated monthly to guarantee suitable sealing. The amount of oil utilised is dependent on the rotational pace and the kind of roller chain coupling. In common, lubricants utilised in roller chain couplings should have superb adhesion, oxidation, and mechanical steadiness.
Put on-resistant lubricants are advised. They avoid the rollers from sticking to each other and stop rusting. These lubricants have lower area pressure and are not dangerous to steel or O-ring chains. The ideal lubrication method is dependent on ambient temperature, horsepower, and chain velocity. Appropriately lubricating a roller chain will increase the daily life of the chain and reduces the threat of wear.
Suitable lubrication of the roller chain is important to avoid corrosion and lengthen its services daily life. The oil kinds a sleek film on the chain elements, reducing steel-to-metal speak to and reducing friction and wear. Furthermore, the oil supplies a smooth running surface and lowers sound. Even so, the working-in method of roller chain lubrication are not able to be underestimated. When utilizing weighty-responsibility oils, guarantee that the lubricant is suitable with functioning and ambient temperatures.


To increase the life of your roller chain, you need to have out regular inspections. First, you must check out the T-pin on the website link plate at the joint. If they are not related correctly, it can cause the chain to extend and not maintain proper spacing and timing. Subsequent, you should search for strange sounds, corrosion, and dirt that may reveal use. If you notice any of these problems, it truly is time to exchange the chain.
In buy to correctly preserve a roller chain, each places of the roller chain need to be lubricated with the appropriate lubricant. Lubricants utilised should be SAE non-degreased oils. There are several varieties of lubricants offered, but the best a single is a petroleum-based mostly oil with a large viscosity. You can also check for indications of put on, this sort of as crimson or brown discoloration. This implies that there is not enough lubrication.
Although the life expectancy of a roller chain is unfamiliar, it is important to know how to extend its lifestyle and increase its performance. Inappropriate stress and alignment can shorten its existence and spot undue stress on the push technique and the chain alone. Incorrect stress can also guide to slippage and improved strength output. Consequently, you need to determine the stress and alignment of the chain throughout the initial set up. Examine and modify frequently.
One more way to increase the life of your rollers is to totally thoroughly clean the within and outside of the rollers. You must also lubricate it regularly to stop abnormal warmth buildup. Developed to prevent overheating by restricting the volume of work in the course of crack-ins. Furthermore, standard inspections will help you capture anomalies early adequate to end functions. Last but not the very least, regular lubrication will extend the daily life of the roller chain.


Getting a roller chain is a massive selection, but preliminary value should not be the only thing to consider. The value of the roller chain alone, as nicely as the working charges, should be considered. Even the least expensive-priced chains can be much more expensive in the extended run. Furthermore, servicing and strength charges could increase. The ideal roller chain for your company will be the one that very best suits your demands. Outlined below are some concerns to contemplate when acquiring a roller chain.
1st, what substance ought to you use? Roller chains come in a lot of distinct materials. Stainless metal is a frequently utilized materials in building. Materials are selected based mostly on the value and design and style of chain horsepower transmission. Various production processes will establish which content is suited for your application. Also, the fat of the chain will vary dependent on its pitch and the construction method utilized. A large component of the price of a roller chain is on the push sprocket.
Yet another consideration is installation value. Roller chains are commonly utilised in agricultural and transportation applications, especially for agronomic goods. If lubrication is your problem, servicing-free chains are the best choice. Corrosion-resistant chains are excellent for wet environments. They are sold in boxed lengths, so changing a longer length demands introducing a shorter duration. To avoid trouble, use the skateboard to assist hook up the backlinks.
Another consideration is the all round width. The all round width of an open up #40 roller chain could differ but must be at least ten toes wide. Though it is not the most pricey type of roller chain, it will last for a longer time. Using it correctly will boost its total longevity, so it truly is a good thought to select it properly. If your enterprise makes use of roller chains routinely, the value reduction is effectively really worth it.


A roller chain is made up of a pair of alternating pins and roller links. The pins are pressed into the facet panels and hinged to the rollers. Roller chains can be one or multi-strand, linked by a common pin. The multi-strand design supplies higher shear strength for demanding electricity transmission purposes. Standard purposes for roller chains include conveyors, hoists, and other mechanical equipment.
The horsepower capacity of a roller chain is constrained by several elements, such as pin shock and friction. Although study into these factors has positioned some limits on the maximum working speed of the roller chain, sensible expertise has revealed that these techniques can be utilized at greater speeds. Appropriate lubrication and cooling can increase the toughness of these chains. In addition, roller chain purposes consist of:
Generate and conveyor programs are the two main utilizes of roller chains. For the duration of driving operations, put on and elongation are a organic portion of the procedure. Nonetheless, lubrication plays a important function in reducing dress in and shock hundreds. For that reason, dress in is inevitable and special care must be taken to guarantee correct lubrication. Additionally, lubrication lowers warmth dissipation in the chain.
The resources used to make roller chains range from a single type to one more. Stainless metal is frequent, but nylon or brass are sometimes utilized. These components are much less pricey and more durable than steel or stainless steel. The ideal substance for the occupation relies upon on a variety of elements, including price, environmental situations, and style horsepower transmission. For example, the pin bushing speak to spot is a vital spot necessitating lubrication. Additionally, some coatings are made to retard the corrosive outcomes of drinking water or oil.
China Custom China Supplier Power Transmission Industrial Roller Chain with Extended Pins     with Best Sales